Mission Statement

The Cambridgeshire Light Blues club is a fun and social side to Freemasonry for everyone with a light blue apron, in the Province of Cambridgeshire.

Our aim and hope is to organise and host events that, you, your family and friends will enjoy and look forward to. The club is a welcoming hand to any brother who would like to meet more people, be more involved and learn more in a non-formal and entertaining atmosphere.

Freemasonry is about building lifelong friendships, the Light Blues Club hopes to increase that number of friends for you and hopes to help build a strong network of companions for everyone in the Province.

2020/2021 Events

  • Private tour of the Fitzwilliam Museum.
    This is a personally guided tour open only to members of the CLB, free of charge.
  • CLB Visit to Leicester and Rutland Province.
    Their provincial head quarters and temple are stunning and the food is extremely good.
  • Coach trip to France.
    A luxury coach will drive us to France in time for lunch and then a vital restock for your wine collection in time for summer BBQ’s.
  • Provincial Inter Lodge Clay Shoot.
    Win the bragging rights for your lodge and collect your custom trophy, or a wooden spoon!
  • Titan Motorsport Open Day.
    An open event of exotic vehicles.
  • Family dog walk and lunch in the sun.
    A chance for the family and your dogs to enjoy a walk, wine and great company.
  • The Provincial Grand Master’s reception for all Master Masons in Cambridgeshire.
    A presentation, talk, Q&A and a chance to speak to the PGM in person, free buffet too!
  • A day at Great Queen Street, home of UGLE worldwide.
    Quarterly Communications at GQS are a real occasion, as long as you’re a Master Mason and member of CLB you can get in and see everything firsthand.
  • Burns Night 2021.
    Not just another event. This one will provide the usual entertainment with some exciting enhancements.
  • Visit to Chelsea Lodge.
    A treat visit to the most entertaining lodge in the country.
  • Provincial Panto.
  • Greene King Brewery tour.
    A chance to tour, drink and have lunch.

Other events in discussion are:

  • A visit to Rosalyn Chapel.
  • A long weekend and lodge visit to the Ukraine.

The Cambridgeshire Light Blues (CLB) - For all Junior Masons within the Province of Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire Light Blues was established in 2018 as a Forum for all junior Masons within the Province of Cambridgeshire to meet socially, debate Masonic issues, become better informed and to enjoy one another’s company.  

Membership is automatic and free for all junior Masons Cambridgeshire Light Blues organises events across the Province, meeting in all the Centres across Cambridgeshire. This provides a great opportunity to meet new people, share your thoughts on Masonry, ask questions and learn new things!  

Alongside their own events, they also co-ordinate Light Blue contingents to attend the various Provincial events which are arranged throughout the year. This helps support the Province, continues to provide a good opportunity for younger members to get together across different Lodges, and also means wives and partners can also make friends and socialise with like-minded individuals. 

Provincial Ranks can stay involved or become involved as supporters but this is first and foremost for all the light blues in Cambridgeshire.

How do I Join?

You're automatically a member of Cambridgeshire Light Blues as soon as you have been initiated as a Freemason in Cambridgeshire. There is no cost involved, no membership fee, no subscription, nothing. As soon as you are an Entered Apprentice you are also able to visit other Lodges, so come and get involved, join us at one of our future social events or Lodge visits. Please also be aware that the CLB is for everyone, there is no upper or lower age limit or any upper or lower masonic rank. We have a wide range of ages and masonic rank that attend our events, every Brother is welcome.