Committee Members


W Bro Ed Williams, Lodge of Threes Grand Principles 441, CEO of Cambridgeshire Light Blues.

My name is Ed and I am the CEO of the Cambridgeshire Light Blues. My job is to make sure it runs effectively in an organised way for the benefit of all of it's members. I have been involved with the Light Blues for a short amount of time but have a lot of experience in company structuring. I am looking forward to seeing the Light Blues become a fundamental part of the Province of Cambridgeshire


W Bro Adrian Peters, Thirkill Lodge 7333, Chairman of the Cambridgeshire Light Blues

Likes: Organisation and structure, fun, visiting other lodges, meat, and potatoes.

Dislikes: Chaos, breakdown in communications, non-communication, leeks, and pasta.


Bro Tony Orfeo, Lodge of Threes Grand Principles 441, Secretary of the Cambridge Light Blues

Hello! My name is Tony, I am the Secretary of the Cambridgeshire Light Blues. My job is to keep the club as organised as I can. Specifically, with the target of making the club fun and successful while keeping it professional. My experience has always been in sales, selling to businesses all over the world in the Power Generation industry and Motorcycling press.    

Outside of Masonry, I also cling on to the vague memory of having completed 3 Ironman triathlons and hope to get back to some kind of fitness soon. I’ve actually just booked a 200-mile cycle event in April 2020.


Bro Andy Murfitt, Caldwell Lodge 3201, Treasurer for the Cambridge Light Blues

 Hello, my name is Andy Murfitt and I’m the CLB representative for the Caldwell Lodge 3201 based at the March Masonic centre. Having been a mason for around 9 years I can’t underestimate the importance of having the ability of networking with like minded people. When someone enters masonry they may have many questions, being a Light Blue not only gives them that support network, but the chance to socialise and make new, life long friendships.

Away from masonry, I’ve been a funeral director for as long as I can remember - 25+ years, based in Cambridge. A keen (but not that proficient!) triathlete, have competed in various events to raise funds for our Festival 2023.